About Us

Ms. J, AKA Wei Jiang, envisioned a welcoming and inclusive gymnastics facility for ALL! As a former Olympic gymnast for China, she came from a grueling gymnastics environment and wished to create the contrary. In December 2004, her vision became a reality with the founding of Ms. J's Gymnastics & Dance! Ms. J's Gym operated in a 3,000 sq. ft. facility on Kent Avenue for ten years. After a decade, the gym relocated just a couple cartwheels away to South 1st Street. The gym more than tripled in size to 10,000 sq. ft. when it expanded to the building next door in October of 2017. 

Our Philosophy

We wish to provide an environment that is safe and fun in order to best foster a love for gymnastics. We believe gymnastics is the best possible foundation in physical fitness and other sports. We emphasize the development of strength, flexibility and coordination, which are the basics in athleticism. At Ms. J’s we strive to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and enthusiasm in each of our students as they progress their skills. We make success attainable for every student! We share our passion for movement with our students. Our mission is to provide gymnastics for everyone.
MSJSGYM: Where structure meets fun!

Ms. J's History

Ms. J's Family is very excited to be in our 15th year of service to our community! Ms. J's programs are open to ALL. We offer gymnastics and dance with great glee, structure, and discipline.

Our programs include: gymnastics classes, dance classes, bouldering ninja classes, aerial silks classes, single day gymnastics camps, Kid's Night Out events on Saturday evenings, indoor play hour aka Family Fun, Pick Up & Play from various North Brooklyn Schools,  birthday and holiday parties for playful celebrations, and so much more!

Ms. J's Present Day

Ms. J's Gym is coming up on its 15th anniversary! Currently, we have reached over 3k families on our parent portal, more than 75 weekly recreational gymnastics classes, pickup from multiple North Brooklyn schools, competitive teams that compete locally & nationally, and a variety of programs: ranging from Family Fun to Bouldering Ninja classes!
We have more in store for the future and we cannot wait to grow with you.




MS. J'S Founder

Wei Jiang AKA MS. J!

Ms. J's founder, Wei Jiang, started her gymnastics career in 1974. Wei trained for many national and international competitions. From 8 to 19 years of age she trained in China's National Training Center and joined the Chinese Olympic Team as an alternate, representing China at the 1984 Olympic Games. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Iowa, has more than twenty five years of teaching experience, and is a member of the USA Gymnastics organization. Ms. J currently teaches gymnastics for grades K – 4 at The Spence School in Manhattan and has been there since 1997. Ms. J’s husband, Gerard Irving, is co owner of Ms. J’s Gymnastics and Dance. They have two daughters, Ginger and Ella, and the family of four live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



REC Director

Larissa  Alvarez

Ms. Larissa was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Her gymnastics journey started at age five when her dance studio unexpectedly shut down. She followed her best friend to try gymnastics and never looked back! Larissa competed up to Level 7 in USAG with her club, then on the Laguardia HS Varsity team, and finally as a part of the inaugural Rutgers University Club team. At Rutgers she earned her BA majoring in Communication, minoring in Theater Arts. Larissa first taught at the Scarlet Knights Gymnastics Academy. A week following her graduation Larissa joined the Ms.J's family. Everyday she is grateful to share her passion of this wonderful sport with children of all ages. Her favorite part of coaching is the beauty of watching her students grow as gymnasts and as people. She hopes to be a gymnast and a coach for as long as her body will permit it!



XCEL Team Head Coach

Shari Heller

Shari grew up 30 minutes outside of Boston in a town called Acton, Massachusetts. Her gymnastics career started when she crashed my sister’s “mommy and me” class as a toddler, and she has been in the gym ever since. She competed through level 9, and has been teaching gymnastics since 2009. After graduating high school, she went to college at Auburn University in Alabama, where she studied industrial design. Shari recently spent the past year teaching English and gymnastics in Netanya, Israel. She is excited for each gymnast to reach their highest potential!



Gymnastics, PUP, & Dance Coach

Lacee Garcia

Lacee Garcia was born and raised in the desert of Arizona. She started dancing and tumbling at a local dance studio at the age of three and at the age of 15 decided to try out gymnastics and high school cheerleading. Lacee received her BFA from Arizona State University and during her time completed one season with their competitive cheer squad and danced under the direction of artists like Jessica Rajko, Kimberly Bartosik, Tentacle Tribe and Cruz Control Collective. She  currently is a resident of Queens and is a freelance movement artist while coaching your lovely children at Ms. J’s gymnastics.



Gymnastics and PUP Coach

Robbie Payne

Hello! My name is Robbie and I’m a gymnast from California. I have been doing gymnastics for most of my life and have been doing parkour/ninja for a few years. I like to create obstacle courses and make cool challenges for my students. Fun facts: I have a degree in Acting and love to play the guitar. 

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All Videos

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1981 International Mixed Pairs- Jiang Wei CHN BB

Full twisting double back dismount. Wei Jiang in 1981, the owner of @msjsgym (established in 2005)



General Manager & Marketing Director

Monika Lagocki

Ms. Monika was born and raised in Brooklyn. Starting at the age of 8, she practiced gymnastics at the Hamilton Dance Studios in Greenpoint. Monika studied family and consumer sciences with a concentration in advertising and marketing. She earned a BA in Human Ecology from the State University of New York, College of Oneonta and an AAS in Advertising and Marketing Communications conjointly from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has worked with children for over 15 years, beginning as a student volunteer tutor for her younger peers at the St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy. Monika represents social media accounts of varying businesses and organizations, most recently working with a local non-profit: North Brooklyn Neighbors. 



Gym Supervisor & Events Coordinator

Jerlin Andres

Ms. Jerlin grew up in Williamsburg and began dancing at age 3 in a mommy & me Ballet class. Her interest in gymnastics began in junior high. She continued working on her skills up until high school. While learning gymnastics, she discovered an artistic way to express herself through movement and hasn't ignored her talent since then. She studied Speech Pathology at St. Joseph's College. Jerlin loves working with children and puts her all into making sure that the children express themselves in a way that each child sees fit.


He/ Him

XCEL Team Coach

Khris Wilson

Khris grew up in Virginia. His personality and stature have always been larger than life. He has been and continues to be the tallest gymnast in the game: standing tall at 6'8. Khris has an extensive gymnastics and ballet background; he has held the head gymnastics coach position for a girl's high school team and coached Level 4-9 gymnasts. Coach Khris loves building the confidence in gymnasts and pushing their abilties to the next level.



Gymnastics and PUP Coach

Emily Quinlan

Ms. Emily has an Elementary Education degree from Salisbury University and thirteen years of gymnastics up her leotard sleeve. She has competed as a JO gymnast up to level 8 and is in her 4th year of coaching gymnastics. Since 2006, Emily has been working with children ranging from 12mo up to 18yrs of age. She is excited to blend her two passions, education & gymnastics, to create a fun-loving, movement-based learning program AKA Little Owls!



Gymnastics and PUP Coach

Eliza Cruz

Eliza was born and raised in Williamsburg and started ballet when she was 4 years old. We interest in dance grew and so she began tap dance, hip hop, jazz, and ballroom dance when she was 9 years old. She has a love for dance, and loves teaching to her after school kiddos of our PUP program. She began gymnastics when she was in her freshman year in high school and continued for 2 years. Once she started gymnastics, her skills in dance intertwined gracefully. She adores working with the children here at Ms. J's and always tries to teach them life lessons, how to have fun and to be true to themselves.-

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