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Dance Camp

MsJ’s Dance Camp gives children a glimpse into the world of Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, World Dance, and Creative Dance. With a focus on individuality and play, students will learn to consider their body in space, think creatively, observe and choreograph movement, play movement games, take speciality classes (gymnastics), and try out various dance techniques. 

7 years - 12 years


MsJ's Dance

MsJ’s Dance aims to provide a safe space for children to move, grow, and express. Along with providing access to dance education, technique, and history, MsJ’s Dance emphasizes each child’s individuality and natural artistry. We believe that children are inherently creative movers, and we aim to provide facilitation that will help each child find their specific interests and apply those interests to their understanding of the world around them. 


MsJ's Dance

“I want children to want to be here because they feel excitement about their education and know that we accept them for who they are. I imagine an atmosphere full of chatting, dancing, music, silliness, seriousness, and laughter- a colorful buzzing of energy. I envision MsJ’s Dance as a community of happy children that claim ownership of this space as a second home.”

- Wei Jiang