What is Ms. J's Mini O?

An end of the season showcase for Ms. J's gymnasts! This Mini O will be grander than ever with performances from every level, medals, Ms. J's Mini O attire, raffles, and discount codes for ALL participating gymnasts.
Participating levels
-Little Owls
-Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow & Orange
-Preteam, Power Team, & XCEL

The last date to register for the Mini O is April 1st. Gymnasts will not be able to register after April 1st but additional admission tickets will be available until May 1st.

What is the cost of Mini O?
Mini O registration is between $75-- $120. Registration includes two admission tickets, a program booklet, and a performance outfit for the gymnast. Additional admission tickets are available for $20 each. This fee helps cover the cost of staff for the event, performance outfits, wristbands, decoration, seating rentals, and other needs for the event to make it possible!

Is there a Mini O for Movers & Shakers students?
There is no Mini O performance for adult assisted classes. Movers and Shakers students will have a special wrap-up class during the last week of classes June 6-12! Students will have a fun farewell class and receive medals.

Team Mini O
Team gymnasts will perform during the Mini O! If your gymnast is on Preteam, Power Team, or XCEL please email their headcoach for additional details.

Mini O Attire:

Gymnasts have the choice of a GK Elite Ms. J's leotard or a Ms. J's shirt with shorts.  

What date and time is the Mini O?
This year's Mini O will be on Saturday, June 13th! 
Session times will be announced in April when all gymnasts have completed their Mini O registration. 

Does my child have to participate?
The performance is optional! We understand some gymnasts may be away or prefer not to perform. June's tuition does not include the cost of Mini O. Families will only be charged for partial June tuition on May 20th.

Is there a Mini O for PUP?
Please check your inbox for your child's Mini O details. PUP students will do a special performance during the last weeks of PUP that will be recorded and emailed to parents.

Is there a Mini O for Little Owls?
Yes! Little Owls will perform on June 13th. Please check your email for more details.