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Happy Throwback Thursday,

Last Saturday, about a dozen or so of #MsJsGym students attended the Elite Team Cup at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Our gymnasts had the opportunity to be present for the ATT&T American Cup and watch some of the world’s top gymnasts! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe the enthusiasm our gymnasts had as they embarked on their road trip to N.J.

The FIG (International Federation of Gymnastics) World Cup Event has a long history dating back to 1976! The American Cup showcases the skills and talents of international gymnasts. Gymnasts from all over the world performed and many of our students were thrilled to see Gabrielle Douglas (USA) made the cut!

In 2012, Gabrielle Douglas was an alternate that dominated the American cup but despite being the highest score her result was unofficial. This year as our students cheered her on and watched her stunning performances, SHE WON OFFICIALLY! Gabrielle Douglas won the Women’s Champion title of 2016 and Ryohei Kato (JPN) won the Men’s Champion title.

Our students had an amazing time. Many found true inspiration in Gabrielle Douglas’s Road to Rio. This August (5 days before the first day of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio), Ms. J’s Gym will hold our annual mini Olympics! We will keep everyone posted on our gymnasts’ #RoadtoWilliamsburg! ;) For the full broadcast of the American Cup click here!

Big Round Off,

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