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Robot Takeover!

Ms. J’s Camp concluded Robot and Building Blocks week! The week prior was dedicated to the Safari. Next week, join us as we go “Under the Sea”.

While we were in the jungle, campers learned to adapt to the gym by crawling and pouncing like their favorite animals. Once each camper mastered an animal walk, a massive jungle animal freeze dance was held! Campers completed a Safari obstacle course- walking across logs (beams) over the swamp, crawling like snakes under branches, and dashing to the end! A game of jungle tag was played- whenever someone was tagged they turned int an animal. Safari ended with a fun filled Scavenger Hunt!

This week, the gym turned into a laboratory for building robots! Each day had a different robot-themed crafts project. Robots were crafted out of construction paper and toilet paper rolls. Tissue boxes were used to make the faces of robots (pipe cleaners were used as antennas). Friday was spent mapping out the inside of our robots with depictions of batteries, bolts, and whatever else our camper/engineers could imagine!

Different activities were centered around turning the gym into the ultimate robot laboratory! Robots were built out of mats and barrels. Our campers also did their best robot impressions and had a robot balancing contest. Robot tag followed suit and then the week ended with a massive Robot freeze dance!

Check in next week to see #MsJsCampers dive “Under the Sea”!

Turning off,

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