New Year, Old Friends

Cheers to 2017! Before ringing in the New Year, the founder of Ms. J’s Gymnastics and Dance (Wei Jiang a.k.a. Ms. J) caught up with some friends in North Carolina.

During this past break, Ms. J’s founder made the trip to see some long-time friends she hasn’t seen for awhile- Qi Han (a former member of the Chinese men’s national team and graduate of Beijing Sports University), his wife Yiwen Chen, and Biyu (a former member of the Chinese women's national team). Their friendship dates back to the days when Wei Jiang was competing as gymnast on a national level in China. Biyu and Ms. J's Gym's very own Ms. J have competed together in the past.

Ms. J had the chance to visit her close friends and check out their current facilities. More than 10 years ago, Qi Ha and Yiwen Chen opened Everest Gymnastics in Huntersville, North Carolina. If the gym's name rings a bell, it may be due to the notable gymnasts whom have trained there. One such gymnast as Ashton Locklear.

Ms. J’s friends have coached Locklear since she was 11. Locklear’s discipline is in Artistic Gymnastics. She was a member of the gold-medal winning United States team at the 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Locklear was the national champion on the uneven bars in 2014 and 2016. This past Summer Olympics in Rio, she had secured herself a spot as an alternate.

Wei Jiang had a phenomenal time catching up with her friends and recapping memories. Wei Jiang also opened up her very own gym (Ms. J’s Gymnastics and Dance a.k.a. #MsJsGym) more than 10 years ago. Ms. J is elated to be able to share her passion for gymnastics and provide a fun, easy-going recreational gym for others to explore their love of gymnastics.

Wishing everyone a flipping fantastic 2017,


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