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For the Drill of It

February frills, thrills, and most importantly drills! Take a look at what are older gymnasts are working on. From Ms. J's Cartwheelers (5-6yr olds) to Ms. J’s Advanced Gymnasts (7-12yr olds), this post highlights what the first week of February has been like for Ms. J’s gymnasts.

It may have been chilly outside but our gymnasts were too busy warming up inside to notice! Classes this week started off with stretches. Wrists, ankles, and backs were stretched to improve elasticity- increasing muscle control, flexibillity, and range of motion. Positions were reviewed from tucks to straddles.

To the red strip we go! On the floor, different rolls were practiced. Gymnasts were given a stuffed animal bunny to place under the chin for an added challenge. Gymnasts had to keep their chins tucked as they rolled to ensure their bunnies didn’t hop away. Depending on the age and skill of the class and its gymnasts the following rolls were performed: tuck forward rolls, tuck backward rolls, pike forward rolls, backward rolls landing in a pike position, straddle forward rolls, straddle backward rolls, back roll to push-up position, and forward rolls to handstands.

Beaming on the beam. This past week had a dazzling display of skills and moves on the beam. Gymnasts worked on their beam routine on the high beam. The routine consists of a straddle mount, passé, passé, arabesque, arabesque, squat, stretch jump, pivot, pivot, knee scale and a dismount. On the low beam, gymnastics practiced their jumps and leaps. On the floor beam, gymnasts knocked out cartwheels and handstands!

Bouncing up and down! Gymnasts performed tuck, pike, and straddle jumps on the TumblrTrak. After their jumps, gymnasts practiced hurdles on the monkey jump on their way back. Gymnasts tackled dive rolls at the end.

Classes ended with conditioning. Gymnasts challenged themselves to do their best. The following helped to improve strength and endurance: box jumps, mountain climbers, tuck ups and pushups.

Keep joining us as we progress through this season. Ms. J’s Gymnastics and Dance is thrilled to go over our weekly drills and lesson plans.

Drilling away,

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