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We are excited to be able to open our doors, turn the lights on, and have the energy of children and coaches back in our gym! We have missed all of you and thank you for your support during this trying time.


We ask you to read through our new policy and procedures below and submit the form below.


Thank you for your respect and compliance during this time.

Ms. J’s Gymnastics COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

We have put time and careful thought into making the most of your experience here at Ms. J’s Gymnastics, and we will be taking every precaution in following the CDC protocol, NY Guidelines, OSHA, as well as the recommendations from USA Gymnastics and the American Red Cross.


Your safety has always been our number one priority and we will continue making this our number one goal! You will notice that we have and will continue to make adjustments to our classes as needed. We will be spacing out class times to allow for extra cleaning and social distancing. As always, hand sanitizer will be readily available around the gym. We have taken great pride in keeping our student-to-coach ratios low and to help keep students and staff safe. We assure you that your class will still be full of gymnastics! Just as before we closed, classes will run with excitement and fun. Students will continue to work towards their goals while practicing social distancing and through the use of more stations spread out on each event!

Staff Responsibilities:

  • Will sanitize hands prior, throughout, and after classes.

  • Will sanitize equipment right after class & during when it is necessary.

  • If Staff has been sick or around anyone with symptoms in the last 14 days, a Sub will be called in.

Upon Arrival- Parent/Athlete Responsibilities:

  • ALL must complete the online COVID-19 form prior to entering the space.

  • Families may not arrive earlier than the designated time of their program to alleviate congestion.

  • Masks are optional but encouraged to be worn for instances when social distance cannot be maintained.

  • Hands must be washed or sanitized as soon as entering the gym and immediately after class.

  • Please do not linger after your program to help decrease congestion.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Have you had a cough? Have you had a fever?

  • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms?

  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?*

Try to refrain from bringing excess belongings into the gym that are not needed. There is no Lost & Found during these times.

Gym Area:

  • Gymnasts over the age of 2yrs are recommended to wear a mask with the exception of when social distance can be maintained.

  • Stations for events will be spread out. There will be no in-line waiting for turns.

  • Students will get a drink or use the restroom one at a time when needed.

  • Equipment/mats will be cleaned after each class.

  • Chalk will not be available in our chalk bin (Students must bring their own). Advanced/ Team athletes must have their own chalk. A limited quantity is available for sale (cash only) Think about purchasing your own scrapper.

  • Please be sure to bring a water bottle with your child’s name written on the bottle. (We end up recycling many!)

Spotting/Hands-On: In the sport of gymnastics, it is extremely important for coaches to spot students during skills to ensure safety. Spotting and hands-on coaching are also crucial when learning and progressing to new skills. Alternate methods, such as extra drill stations for progressions, will help eliminate some hands-on; however, coaches will continue to spot gymnasts when it is necessary.

Lobby: Ms. J’s Gymnastics has always been an open facility for the pleasure of viewing your child’s class. To be able to accommodate safety, if possible, we ask you to drop students off and return 15minutes before the class ends. This is recommended but not required (as we might not be able to accommodate you due to lowered lobby and viewing area capacities or based on a program’s policies).

  • No eating permitted within the gym, lobby, or viewing areas 

    • (Vending machine will be open for drinks, takeaway use, or for gymnasts in drop-off programs \\ EXACT CHANGE ONLY - no credit cards)

  • Masks are optional but highly encouraged. 

  • One adult/guardian per student is allowed to stay in the lobby.

  • Absolutely no “extra” siblings or friends allowed.

  • Our chairs will be placed 6 feet apart, please keep them in their place.

  • Please stay seated or near your chair and do your best to refrain from leaning against cubbies.

  • We will clean chairs as much as possible in between classes and will have wipes available for your use if you would like to clean a chair before taking a seat.

Pro-Shop and Leotard Sales: Our Pro-Shop will still be open. We have always recommended trying on a leotard before purchasing but we do not foresee this being done safely. Ms. J’s gymnastics wear: such as T-shirts and sweatpants, will be available for purchase. There will be no returns allowed.

Restrooms: We will do our best to keep our restrooms extra clean during this time. We ask that you take note of if someone is in the restroom prior to entering. We ask no more than two at a time. If you see that soap or any other disinfecting products are getting low, please let the front desk know to refill it.

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