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A Fort a Day Keeps Children in Play!


When school is out, #MsJsCamp is in session!

This week, we ran our regular class schedule AND camp! Today is our last day of our Spring Break Camp. Don’t fret; our Single Day Camp in June and our Summer Camp is coming!

Our Spring Break camp day schedule is similar to our Summer Camp Days. We start each day off with a class. Classes are broken down by age. They consist of different drills and skills on our floor, TumblTrak, big trampoline, uneven bars, and/or high beam. Our instructors run through a 45 minute class before we head to snack time.

We then have story time before we head to Grand Street Park! After the park, we have lunch. Then we move onto a group activity! This week our group activities ranged from playing Fishy-Fishy to the Island Hopping game. We end the day with another snack and a final gymnastics class or activity!

We’ve had a great week of summersaults, cartwheels, and forts! To sign up for our single day camp or summer camp fill out a registration form and camp form. Remember: Camp registration closes early. Reserve a spot today. We are unable to accept day of drop-offs.


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