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#MsJsCamp: Summertime Fun-ness

Fire hydrants pumping water into the streets, ice cream truck tunes in the near distance, and McCarren Park’s grass almost completely hidden under picnic blankets. All of the above mean summer has arrived in Brooklyn! Join us as we count down the days until summer's arrival by planning ahead. Ms J’s Gym’s Summer Gymnastics Camp registration is open!

This summer #MsJsCamp will be more flexible than ever. Reserve and pay for your camp days today; pick the exact dates tomorrow. Camp dates can be switched and transferred to another day free of charge up to the 15th of June. After June 15th, each camp day can be transferred for a nominal fee of $5. The earlier you book, the more you save. Reserve before March 31st for the lowest rates of this season!

Camp Days will cater to the needs of your gymnast. Upon payment, let us know if you would like to enroll your child for recreational camp days or intensive camp days. Recreational camps are well organized with classes, activities, and more. Intensive camps include the above with additional class time led by some of our Team coaches to aid them in their progress of more difficult skills.

The added activities to summer's indoor gymnastics classes include the following. Part of the gymnastics camp day will include trips to the Grand Street Park- weather permitting. Each week of camp has its own theme with classes incorporating said theme. This summer will include the introduction of Ms. J’s ninja room. Gymnasts will be able to apply previously taught gymnastics skills to train like a ninja. The final week of camp will be dedicated to the Summer Olympics. A week of special events and an award ceremony with medals. A full detailed information packet will be released soon. Click here for a booking form. Send all reservations to and sign up for a #MsJsGym membership here. Ms. J's Gymnastics camp is for children 3yrs (potty-trained)- 12yrs of age.

Where structure meets gymnastics fun,

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