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SundayShowday: Harlem Gymnastics Invitational 2017

This past Sunday, Ms. J’s Gymnastics Team participated in the Harlem Gymnastics Invitational 2017. Our gymnasts have been working hard and practicing since September. This was their first competition of their 2016-2018 season.

The Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation presented the Harlem Gymnastics Invitational that featured competition for Women’s Artistic, Rhythmic, and Trampoline & Tumbling participants along with new youth Parkour and Power TeamGym competition. The competition was held at the Harlem Armory on February 17-19, 2017.

The Wendy Hilliard Foundation was was founded in 1996. Wendy Hilliard was the first African-American to present the United State in Rhythmic gymnastics. Hillary aimed to start a program that would provide more minorities to partake in gymnastics.

As for the Harlem Armory, it was built in 1993. Originally for the 396th Regiment, the armory now serves as a learning center for kids. Children may take art, music, dance, and computer classes & participate in a variety of sports.

Six of Ms. J’s Gymnastics team gymnastics represented our Williamsburg-based gym in Harlem on the 19th of February. Emilia, Harlowe, Maeve competed in the all-around and Deighton & Nyla competed on the floor & vault.

They competed as a team and rankings were determined by the total of the top three scores from each event. Although our gymnasts did not place in the top 3 places, their performances shined. It was their first meet of the season and it was a great foundation block for the rest of their season.

Ms. J’s founder, Wei Jiang, along with the team’s coaches and remaining members of the gym are so immensely proud of Ms. J's Team gymnasts. Not only the gymnasts that participated in the competition this Sunday but each Team & Pre-Team gymnast that has committed themselves to this season have filled Ms. J’s Gym with awe. These gymnasts have showcased their skills, determination, and focus. We cannot wait to see them perform in their future competitions.

Until next time,

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