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Trick and Treat!

Cupcakes, Ghouls, Oh My! Trick or Treat? Why choose?! October at Ms. J’s Gym is going to be deliciously spooktacular. Wednesday, the 12th will be Ms. J’s Team Bake Sale. Sunday, the 23rd will be our Annual Halloween Bash!

Save the date and your appetite! Leave room for dessert on the 12th because our team gymnasts will be holding a bake sale! This year, we hope to present our team gymnasts with more opportunities to compete and travel.

Ms. J’s Gym and all our gymnasts would greatly appreciate any support that could be provided. We would like to aid our gymnasts as much as possible through this journey. One of the future events in the works is a trip to see the Final Five during the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions! The bake sale will be held at Ms. J’s Gym from 3pm-6pm.

We cannot wait to have a ghoulish good time Sunday, the 23rd! Our Annual Halloween party will be held at the gym from 1pm-3pm. Admission for members is free and non-members pay $20. Our party is all ages!

This year's Halloween Bash will have a costume contest, games, face-painting, and more! Put on your costume and come have a spooky good time at Ms. J’s Gym. We will be decking out the gym in spider webs galore! Don't worry we will be sure to stow away the spiders themselves. Although, we can't say the same about the ghosts- rest assured they're the friendly kind!

Floating away,

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