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Best of 2016!

Hello 2017 and Goodbye 2016!

2016 was an amazing year and we want to share some of our favorite memories with you. We will also give you a sneak peak at what 2017 will unfold! (Below: Ms. J's Gym's #2016BestNine posts from Instagram)

Ms. J’s Gym’s Blog started last January! It’s been almost a year since we shared our first blog post. Ms. J’s Gym is so thankful for the support each of you give us! We hope to continue blogging and updating everyone through 2017.

One of our top moments of 2016 include Ms. J’s Team gymnasts performing at C3 Brooklyn’s Easter Festival. The festival was held at East River State Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our Team gymnasts showed of their skills and routines to the community. It was an absolute delight being able to showcase our gymnasts and share something special with the neighborhood.

2016 held many wonderful moments for Ms. J’s Team and Pre-team gymnasts! In 2016, our gymnasts attended the AT&T American Cup and the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions. Our gymnasts were able to see certain Olympians perform before and after their appearances at the Summer Olympics in Rio 2016. It was an amazing opportunity to see Simone Biles, voted the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year in 2016. It was a momentous year for Simone Biles and we are so thankful our gymnasts were able to witness part of it in person.

Speaking of the Summer Olympics, Ms. J’s Gym’s Annual Mini-Olympics were grander than ever. Taking after this year’s Summer Olympics held in Brazil, Ms. J’s Mini-Olympics’s theme was Rio 2016. Almost two weeks were dedicated to showcasing each of our gymnasts. From our PUP gymnasts to our Team & Pre-Team Gymnasts to our Recreational Class Gymnasts, each gymnast displayed the progress they made throughout the year and received medals for their dedication.

For more moments from 2016, take a look at our previous posts from the year. Just you wait! 2017 will be bigger than ever! We will continue to expand and grow as much as possible. Our weekend Family Fun hours will be expanded. Ms. J’s Team & Pre-Team will continue to grow as our gymnasts prep to compete in more meets. This Summer’s camp will be better than ever; We will be offering packages in advance! The more days you reserve; the more you save!

Thank you for the ongoing support. We look forward to seeing everyone, old faces and new, in the New Year!

Cheers to 2017,

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