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Preschoolers of the Wild!

Hello February! This humpday is a special #WaybackWednesday, with a recap of the skills and drills Ms. J's pre-schoolers practiced in January. Our young gymnasts took notes from the wild; they followed the footsteps or shall we say paw-prints of some animals.

Ms. J’s Little Leapers started their warm-ups with animal walks. Drawing inpiration from tiny crabs to tall giraffes. Just naming a "few"; This month was about learning bunny hops, bear crawls, frog jumps, penguin shuffles, giraffe tip-toe walks, kangaroo jumps, crab walks and kitty walks.

Our gymnasts went from leaping like frogs to hanging like bats on the P bars. Practicing koala bars, bat hangs, skin the cat and knee hangs. The young gymnasts built up their routines on the low beam then moved on to the high beam. On the beams, our gymnasts fine-tuned their kitty crawls, flamingos and cranes.

Classes ended with some circle time. The gymnasts worked on a final run-through of frog jumps and donkey kicks, before Ms. J's animal guessing game. For the game, each student chose an animal walk and the rest of the class guessed which animal they were imitating.

Thanks for joining our weekly update! Hope to see you next week.

Stay wild,

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