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Happy President's Day & Friendship Week!

Happy Belated President’s Day and Happy Friendship Week!

This week many students had either Monday or the whole week off from school and #MsJsGym was and still is in full swing! We will continue with our regular class schedules, Family Fun hours and single camp days this week!

Our gym was filled with joy and gymnasts! Ms. J’s classes and team practices continued as always. Campers had the chance to jump around, have class, and enjoy our massive fort! Family Fun hours were packed with parents and caregivers tumbling around with their children. It’s been a great Friendship week and we hope to see more faces tomorrow!

In addition, here’s a quick recap of what our Cartwheelers class has been up to this week! Classes began with warm up laps and progressed into headstands. Our cartwheelers practiced handstands and headstands.

To all of our students and families that are out of town, we wish you fun and safe travels! Tune in next week for a continuation of our Cartwheelers lesson plan in more detail!

Big hugs,

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