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Spring Jumping Beans!

Happy Friday!

Here at #MsJsGym, we’ve definitely got that #FridayFeeling! Our Gymnastics studio is filled with happy leapers and active tumblers.

Here’s an overview of our Jumping Bean & Me lesson plan for the first two weeks of April! JB&ME is a fun interactive course for 18mo-3yr olds and their parents!

At the start of class, we begin with a letter hunt! Our happy jumping beans are encouraged not only to find their A, B, & Cs but to also match and fit them into their proper place. Once the alphabet is completed, we conclude the first part of class with the Clean-Up song.

ONTO THE OBSTACLE COURSE! Down the slide and over the blocks we go. Zipping through the obstacles and swinging over the smiley below the bar. (See above image)

The first week we place an emphasis on the rings and the second week focuses on the beam. We make a train towards the rings. 1,2, 3 swing squash in tuck then in straddles. Concluding our ring session, we reach our toes to touch our hands! At the beam, we practice standing forward on two feet then one. The little jumpers then do bell kicks, swinging legs up and down to ring the bell ding-dong!

Our tiny gymnasts go through the second obstacle course (image below). They have a grand old time. They play the drums on our gym’s mushroom. As they climb through the course, our gymnasts sing the "Wheels on the Bus."

We end the class with some circle time, bubbles, and our “Open shut them” song! During circle time, everyone has a spot on a smiley. Each gymnasts receives a ribbon. We shake those ribbons high, low, and all around the air. Once the bubbles are blown, we clap and poke them!

When the bubbles are all popped, we sing our song and say our see-you-laters! =)

Have a bubble poppin’ weekend,

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