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May rainbows of color!

What comes after April showers? Hint: we’re not talking about May flowers. #MsJsGym has rainbows on the mind! These first two weeks of May were dedicated to colors! Here’s an overview of the colorful first two weeks of May our youngest gymnasts had!

Our Jumping Bean & Me class (18-36 month olds) emphasized colors this month! The warm up was to find different colored bean bags throughout the gym.

On the rings, different colored spots were placed beyond the rings. After each swing, the gymnasts had to squash a different color!

Two different obstacle courses were arranged. The first one started at the slide. The gymnasts then ran up the ramp and jumped onto different colored hula-hoops. After each jump, the gymnasts landed in freeze.

After the hoops, the jumping beans walked across the beam. At the end of the beam, 5 second walk-up handstands against the cheese mat were performed. Once barre mountain was claimed, the gymnasts ended the course by swinging over a smiley and landing again in their freeze positions!

The second obstacle started by sitting criss-cross on the gray. The gymnasts then jumped toward the red mat. Different colors were placed beyond the mat. Each color meant a different jump (tuck, pike, straddle) and then a baby cartwheel over the panel was made. At the end of the course, a monkey jump was made onto the block and a roll was made down a mat.

Each class ended with a circle-time game of colorful ribbons. The gymnasts passed these two week with flying colors! Ms. J’s Gym had a blast pairing different gymnastic skills to different colors.

Have a colorful day,

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