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Break a Leg!

How are you spending the weekend?

Ms. J’s Gym will be closed on Monday May, 30th for Memorial Day- no classes, no family fun, and no camp. We wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Check our Facebook or Instagram Friday afternoon for updated Family Fun hours for this weekend.

Our next scheduled single day camps are June 9th and June 14th. Ms. J’s Summer camp runs June 29th through September 2nd. Spots are still available but pre-registration and payment is needed to reserve a spot.

Enough about the future, let’s catch up what Ms. J’s Gym has been up to these last few weeks of May. The theme for the end of May has been body parts!

Our Little Leapers' class (3-4 year olds) has been working hard all year round. These past two week’s incorporated body mindfulness; exercises were centered around being more conscious of the gymnasts’ different body parts in movement.

As a warm-up, there were two different games. The first entailed our gymnasts running laps. As they ran, the instructor would call out a body part. Our gymnasts then pretended to be lead by that body part! The second game was the color game with body parts. The instructor would call out a body part and color; our gymnasts had to place said body part on a part of the gym that reflected that color.

Stayed tuned for more details about our Summer Schedule and Lesson Plans.

Leaping away,

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