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Up, Up, and Away!

Today was Ms. J’s Camp’s first day of Safari week! All this week we will have wild activities and classes. It’ll be a jungle!

Friday we wrapped up a week of justice! We dedicated last week to Super Hero training! Our Campers soared and tumbled. Different activities helped build on their Super Hero skills. Arts & craft time supplied them with super accessories to help battle crime.

Our campers busted out moves like Spiderman! They climbed cheese mats and attempted to go as high as possible. Campers participated in a fun Superman beanbag toss drawing inspiration from the Man of Steel, himself.

Part of their training included completing the Hero obstacle course. Our campers zipped through multiple dangers and hurdles. They smashed through blocks, dove through hoops, and jumped over barrels!

Once the campers completed their training, they entered a gym-wide game of Heroes Vs. Villains! The heroes task at hand was to keep the cones standing as the villains came around to knock the cones down to the ground.

It was stellar week of crime-fighting action! We can’t wait to share with you what this week’s Safari ride has in store. Register your child today to join us in the jungle!

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