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Summer Olympians & Under the Sea!

Last week wrapped up our Under the Sea week of camp. All this week we will be focused on the Olympics! The following Sunday will be our Olympic Party.

Friday was our last day underwater. Throughout the week, we swam with the fishies! Ms. J’s Campers made jellyfishes, octopuses, treasure chests and fishbowls! Each day campers crafted a new creature or creation.

Activities reflected sea themed fun! Campers played fishy, fishy cross my ocean. Duck, duck, goose had a fun twist and turned into whale, whale, dolphin. Campers competed in a playful round of crab walk relay races. Instead of musical chairs, we played musical hoops and campers hopped in and out of hoops trying to avoid getting caught in the “crab cages”.

This week our camp activities will reflect the Olympics! The Summer Olympics begin Friday but at Ms. J’s all the Olympic fun begun on Monday! Tune in next week to hear about our Olympic week!

Make sure to save the date! Sunday, August 13th will be Ms. J’s Gymnastics Summer Olympics Party! From 1pm-3pm, Ms. J’s Gym will turn into an Olympic village. Gymnastics events will be screened and games will be played. RSVP in person or by email to

Saluting away,

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