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Rhode to the Gold!

This past weekend was the USA Gymnastics’s Region 6 Congress Convention in Providence, Rhode Island. Our gym’s manager, Larissa Alvarez, and PUP Directer, Jerlin Andres, attended the convention! Ms. J’s Gym can’t wait to implement the great new skills and tips these two have picked up in Rhode Island.

The convention included a review of the Women’s J.O. compulsory routines and updates, a banquet recognizing Region 6 Hall of Fame and athlete successes, and hands-on spotting lectures! The weekend was a great tool for our instructors. Different courses and training sessions helped educate our staff. Our attendees learned exciting new ways to better the Ms. J’s Gymnastics experience we can provide.

Larissa’s and Jerlin’s favorite presenter was Brant Lutska. Lutska is the co-owner of Flipping Education. Flipping Education was developed for pre-school and recreational programs. Lutska is also a USA Gymnastics National Instructor, State Administrative Committee Chair (NJ), and National Rated Judge.

Ms. J’s instructor note how well Lutska showcased new and different ways to teach children under 6 years of age. Brant lutska highlighted great ways to involve the parents in child and parent classes. At the end, our instructors said they gained wonderful insight on how to make gymnastics and conditioning a lot more fun!

Ms. J’s Gymnastics and Dance Studio plans to explore these great new methods and games with our students and family members. Grow with us as we try to create the best environment for your children to explore their love of gymnastics and dance! Hitting the Rhode, #MSJSGYM

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