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RIO 2016- Gymnastics Recap

This Sunday wrapped up the Rio 2016 Olympics. The prior Sunday was Ms. J’s Gym’s Olympic Party. This August has been filled with good spirit and tremendous handwork! We want to thank all of the gymnasts that were in Rio for exhibiting their dedication to the sport. We would also like to thank all the friends and family members that came out to celebrate the Summer Olympics with Ms. J’s Gym!

Ever four years the Summer Olympics happen and some of the greatest moments of gymnastics echo throughout the world. This Summer the Olympics were hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Five countries have been represented at all the Summer Olympics- Greece, Australia, France, Great Britain, and Switzerland. Great Britain has won at least one gold medal at every Summer Olympics. The United States leads in most medals over all.

This Summer Olympics was a spectacular one for the United States Women’s Gymnastics team! The United States lead the medal board in gymnastics. Taking home 12 medals- 4 gold, 6 silver, and 2 bronze. Russia had 8, Great Britain 6 and Brazil & Japan tied with 3 medals. The top medalists of gymnastics were Simone Biles- USA, Max Whitlock- GB, Kohei Uchimura- JP, and Aly Raisman- USA.

The five female gymnasts of the United States revealed their moniker after receiving their winning score at the end of the team final- The Final Five. The name was to pay homage to the imminent retirement of their coach, Marta Karolyi. At the end of the Olympics, the United States chose Simone Biles as the flag bearer for the closing ceremony.

The prior Sunday, Ms. J’s Gym had a magnificent party of Olympic proportions! We spent the afternoon recapping some of the best moments of gymnastics from Rio 2016 thus far. There were games and events. Arts and Crafts time was spent making and personalizing medals. There was even some face painting! Overall, we had a blast spending time and sharing our favorite Olympics moments with members and non members of Ms. J’s Gym.

Although the Summer Olympics occur every 4 years, Ms. J’s Gym’s Mini-Olympics occur every Summer! We can’t to have every join us then.

Stay Golden,

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