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October Camp!

Fall for Fall!

Happy Autumn! Fall is here and we have upcoming single day camps available. On October 3, 4, 10, and 12th Ms. J’s Camp will be in session.

Ms. J’s Camp is a great way to keep your child engaged while school is out. Our camps include a morning and an afternoon class. Throughout the day, children have some free play with their peers, organized games or activities, story time, and arts & crafts time!

Classes are divided by age and skill level. Each class runs between 45mins-an hour, depending on wether a recreational or intensive option was chosen. Before, in-between, and after classes, campers enjoy various activities. We aim to have campers unite together through teamwork. Our activities help campers to come together and learn to work as a group. Be it helping another camper read or working as whole to complete a fantastic fort!

Our pick-up and drop-off options are as follow:

9am-1pm: $80.00

9am-3pm: $100.00

9am-6pm: $140.00

1pm-6pm: $80.00

3pm-6pm: $50.00

To sign up today please fill out our Single Day Policy form (click here) and place a payment (in advance by person or by phone). This year we have a new online enrollment! Click here to become a member today by completing a new customer form and adding your child(ren) as new student(s).

*Reserve in advance! We are unable to accept day of walk-ins. We properly staff each day with an appropriate amount of students to each instructor.

Non-members are subject to a $5 registration fee. Any reservation made less than 48hours in advance, may not be guaranteed and will encounter a late registration fee.

Cartwheeling away,

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