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November Overview

We’re highlighting some of the key components from Ms. J’s Gym’s November Beginner to Intermediate Gymnastics Classes. December is the fourth month of our 2016-2017 Gymnastics Season. Commit to a class today; limited spots in some classes are still available! (Photo by Drew Wiedemann)

Each class began with a 10 minute warm-up. This month’s warm-up of choice was the leading game. Students run laps as the coach chooses which body part will lead them. During line time, gymnasts reviewed standing and sitting positions (from toy soldiers to tucks).

On the floor! Stretches such as camels and cat were seen. Gymnasts focused on tidying and strengthening their bridges and candlesticks. Gymnasts moved from singing their ABC’s while holding a bridge, swaying their bridge, practicing a broken bridge and straight bridge to ending their floor time with back bends.

To the bars! 4 Stations were arranged. Gymnasts rotated from each station. First two stations involved Front support and shimmying across the low bar to and then TPS (tuck, pike, straddle) hangs on the high bar. At the Paralettes gymnasts held their TPS. The floor bar was designated for bird perches and squat ons.

Conditioning! The instructors highlighted the key differences between stretching and conditioning. After the quick review, students were asked to choose a drill of their choice to condition muscles that the instructor chose. For students that finished their drills early and listened well, class ended with some trampoline time! Gymnasts did arm circles, froze, presented, seat drops, knee drops, and back drops.

Stay tuned for next overview of our classes for our younger gymnasts!

Tumbling away,

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