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February Farmers & their Produce

The first of February is near and this Monday was the start of a new lesson plan. This week's theme at Ms. J's Gym is farmers, fruits, and veggies. Ms. J’s Jumping Beans and Little Leapers are honorary farmers for the week.

During warm-up, the 18mo-36mo old Jumping Beans sing and act out the animals in “Old McDonald”! The Little Leapers sing the tune too and move around like the animals mentioned in each refrain. The warm-up concludes with a nice veggie, a straddle position.

Once on the floor, the tiny gymnasts stand on a smiley and toss assorted fruits & veggies (different colored bean bags). Each bean bag is tossed onto a rainbow mat. To collect their produce, the gymnasts hop like a bunny to each color their fruits or veggies landed on.

Trampoline Time! Rules are reviewed before each turn. Gymnasts take turns jumping and making shapes of different fruits and veggies i.e., tucks for apples, straight jumps or pikes for elongated carrots. There is no end to the way our farmers can create their produce.

While in circle time, the gymnasts have a picnic. Each gymnast goes around making the shape or the movement of a food they brought for the picnic. After the picnic and class concludes, gymnasts recall their favorite part of the class.

Stay tuned for the lesson plan for the older class!


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