Peace, Love, and Gymnastics

Ms. J’s Gym’s Team is on a tumbling spree! Four of our team gymnasts are heading to the state championships! They will compete as Level Threes.

This is the first season Ms. J’s team gymnasts have officially participated in meets around the New York area. Our 2016-2017 season may not have been smooth but it’s definitely been rewarding. They've competed in multiple meets in hopes of heading to the NY State Championships.

This weekend, our team gymnasts traveled to Artistic Gymnastics in Hauppauge, NY. Where Artistic Gymnastics hosted the 6th Annual Peace, Love, and Gymnastics Invitational- a NY state qualifying meet. On Saturday, #MsJsTeam competed as level 3 gymnasts. With scores reaching higher than 32.00, two more of our Team gymnasts locked down spots in states!