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Where Structure Meets Fun! (Gymnastics Camp at Ms. J's Gym)

Our March Camp Sale comes to a close. Do not fret; April has plenty of discounts in store! Book and pay for your Summer Gymnastics Camp Days from April 1st-April 30th for the following prices:

9am-1:00pm: Was $99 Now $84

9am-3:30pm: Was $119 Now $104

9am-5:30pm: Was $159 Now $144

1pm-5:30pm: Was $99 Now $84

Book today and finalize your dates tomorrow. Where there is availability, camp days can be switched free of charged up until June 15th. After June 15th, there is a $5 transfer fee for each date change.

Feel free to drop by our gym in Williamsburg, Brooklyn or email for more information. We’ve released our Summer Schedule. Each week of Gymnastics Camp has a theme that classes and activities adhere to. Check out our themes below!

Week 1: Independence Day

Week 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Week 3: Super Hero Training

Week 4: Robots and building blocks

Week 5: Under the Sea

Week 6: Wild, Wild, West

Week 7: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Week 8: Outer Space & the Sky

Week 9: Circus and Carnival

Week 10: Bye Summer, Hello Fall

Ms. J’s Gymnastics does not require an amount of weeks booked. We just asked for a minimum of two days to be reserved for each week. This Summer we have opened up our Ninja room. On days when campers have exceeded in class, we will end the day with fun ninja training!

Book today! After April 30th, prices will go up. To ensure the best quality for each day, we plan ahead. We do not offer day-of drop-offs. Each Camp day is appropriately staffed in accordance to the amount of campers. For campers to be safe and thrive during class, we pride ourselves on a small camper to teacher ratio. Our camp is for children 3yrs of age (potty-trained) -12 yrs of age.

Stay tuned for the upcoming #MsJsGym’s Camp Intro Day! Your child/ren will have the opportunity to meet some of the Summer Instructors, learn more about the daily schedule of each camp day, and we will have plenty of surprises in store.

Cartwheeling away,

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