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Ms. J's Annual Egg Hunt 2017

This past Saturday was egg-cellent! Thank you to all who joined us for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

The event started with free play and face-paint. As guests walked in, children could write down their names on the face-paint list. We invited our guests to tumble and play until their name was called for some free face-painting.

It was an egg-citing event for we had not one but TWO egg hunts! During both egg hunts, guests under 3 had their baskets out in a safe and little-leaper friendly room. They crawled around in search of their eggs with age appropriate goodies! The older guests participated in the more challenging hunt in the larger gym area.

Following both egg hunts, Ms. J’s Team gymnasts flipped for funds. Guests made their donations to see our gymnasts showcase their skills. The team also sold Easter baskets, had a slime station, and an egg-coloring table. Ms. J’s Gym and our team gymnasts are beyond grateful for all of the support! Each donation brings Ms. J’s Team gymnasts a step closer to funding their journey to States!

After the second round of the Team gymnasts performing some of their top skills, we had our final surprise of the day. One of our team gymnasts filled a jar with Bunny Peeps! Whichever guest guessed the amount of bunnies in the jar, took the jar and peeps home. Many guessed and the winner was one of Ms. J’s PUP gymnasts! We had guesses ranging from 7-101, the winning guess was 40, and the true amount was 41!

This Egg Hunt was one of our biggest turn-outs yet! The event was completely full. We reached our maximum capacity for RSVPS earlier this past week! It was a fun event filled with many familiar and new faces. If you missed the Egg Hunt, keep an eye out for the announcement date of our next event- Ms. J's Camp Info Day!

Hopping away,

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