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It's Gonna Be May

April was packed with showers and summersaults. Last week we spoke about Ms. J’s current season’s registration closing and Ms. J's summer session opening for sign-ups. This post is a quick overview of April's lesson plans!

The first two weeks of April were dedicated to having a “hoppy" good time. Classes had an Easter theme. Some of our gymnasts participated in egg-and-spoon races to practice their balance and coordination.

Classes were extra festive with the special treat of egg hunts! Many of the Easter themed games focused on gross motor skills. Gymnasts hopped around and displayed their best egg rolls, bunny hops, chicken waddles and the like.

The following weeks were appropriately themed. Weather was fitting seeing as how the past few weeks Brooklyn had seen it all- from April showers to the need for some summer sunglasses to make their debut.

Our youngest class (Jumping Bean and Me) sang tunes such as “Rain, rain, go away” and “Itsy bitsy spider”. Gymnasts practice their jumps by jumping over “rain puddles.

Chalk was used to draw clouds, the sun, etc on our beams, mats, and floors. Each illustration was associated with a different action or skill. Students swayed like the wind, circled their arms like rays of sunshine, etc.

April classes were packed with fun! Our gymnasts continue to work on their skills and routines for the upcoming Mini-Olympics scheduled for June. If your child would like to join our classes, be sure to check out Summer Class schedule posted on our website.

Swaying away,

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