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Off to States We Go!

Ms. J’s Team has made it! For the first time in the history of our gym, Ms. J’s Gym’s Team gymnasts have qualified for USAG NY State Championships!

Each of our gymnasts gave their all this season. Team strengthens so many aspects in each gymnast. Our gymnasts have bonded, grown- physically & mentally, and experienced so much this year. The training alone is a huge time commitment and each competition added to that weight. We want to give a huge shout out to the whole team for the work and love they put into this season.

To our gymnasts who were able to rack up those points to get to states- we salute you! All of us are cheering you on as you head to States later in May. States will be hosted by Gym-Nest at St. Joseph’s College; the same site where the LI Classic was held in March. For some of our gymnasts, this will be the second time they compete at the site!

This season’s journey of competitions evolved our gymnasts. Gymnasts expanded their previous horizons and advanced their skills. Each competition brought out something new. The team's past competition in April helped secure another spot in States for one of our gymnasts.

In April, the team competed in the 2017 Flower Festival Invitational in Fishkill, NY.

Our gymnasts were able to lock down another round of competition before the NY State Championships. Some of our gymnasts were top scorers as they competed as level 3 gymnasts.

Here’s to the gymnasts heading to States! Together may we reach our goals - in spirit, mind and/or body.

See you at STATES,

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