KNO (P.S. 110 Fundraiser & P.S. 84 Gala)

Hey Parents and Friends, This week we are pushing back our lesson plan details and talking about our next scheduled KNO (Kid’s Night Out) on March 12th!

P.S. 110 and P.S. 84 are both holding special events. We want to be available to parents that are attending the gala in Williamsburg or the fundraiser in Greenpoint.

Ms. J’s Gym will be open that Saturday for a special kid’s night out from 7pm-10pm. It will be $20 per child and your child can socialize and play with their peers. Our gymnastics studio is a great place to tumble and jump around with friends!

Please reserve ahead of time. In order to properly staff the event, reservations will be needed because of day drop-offs are not an option. To reserve a spot of your child/ren please fill out a registration form and complete the payment.

Big Hugs,


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