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Flipping Education

Flipping Education is a preschool gymnastics program owned by Brant Lutska and Linda Thorberg. The two are nationally recognized leaders in the field of recreational gymnastics. Last week, a few of Ms. J’s Gym’s staff members had the pleasure of attending Lutska’s and Thorberg’s workshop! Below, left to right: Ms. Monika & Ms. Jerlin with Flipping Education's founders Linda Thorberg & Brant Lutska

Ms. J’s Gym constantly strives to provide the best service possible. We aim to have a passionate and well educated staff! Our gym wishes to have gymnasts feel free to not only advance their skills but to enjoy the process. The workshop gave our staff great tips to do just that.

The workshop helped integrate different games that are fun, progress skills, increase flexibility, build confidence, and more. Flipping Education’s owners demonstrated the benefits of certain games. Such games provide gymnasts an outlet to work on their skills and bodies without the sense of a class being dominated by pressure.

Lutska and Thorberg highlighted different ways to repeat and practice certain movements that help improve muscle memory. Breaking down major skills into small movements. They also introduced tactics that would ease gymnasts as they tackle harder moves. A great example of re-directing fears was to have gymnasts hold props over their heads as they practiced balancing on the beam without the support of an instructor.

The workshop helped our staff to see the benefits beyond the gym. Pointing out how some classes, such as those with parent involvement with their infants, have benefits far beyond the gym. Some statistics estimate that parents spend 20 minutes of quality time (time spent activities that do not include caring or looking after the child) with their child. Classes are a great way to increase that quality time and to have fun with their child.

The list of benefits that surpass the gym go on. For example, tracking games within parent and child classes help to improve reading readiness. Waiting for turns at a station in older classes, teaches patience. Gymnastics classes help with improving not just a child’s body but their mind and spirit.

The workshop wonderfully demonstrated how our staff can bring more to each class. Ms. J’s Gymnastics and Dance Studio wants to grow a little more each day. We would like to continue to move forward, to give gymnasts a safe and fun environment, and to inspire. Join us and become a member today!

Sincerely Yours,

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